Thursday, 15 March 2018

Get to Know about Act of Umrah

Umrah Package 2018
Muslims living all across the world find Hajj as their most sacred, pious and spiritual best religious act of Allah’s worship. Every single year momentous range of Islamic followers reach cities like Makkah and Madinah to do the act of highest spirituality and also to purify one’s mind body and soul.

This all does mean that Umrah should be left behind which also in its own way a pious and most preferred act of worship to be conducted by Muslims.

Know the Act First Before you Head towards the Same

Not every single person is aware of complete process and rituals of performing Umrah at the first place. Some sort of necessary guidance should be availed well in advance before you head towards the same.

Therefore, the ideal is to book your travel package that includes in-person guide also who takes you through the overall act of Umrah in a detailed manner.

Even if you wish to read the same well in advance, trusted travel partner will provide you step by step itinerary of the Umrah that is as follows in short points:

•    Performing Tawaf (Taking seven rounds of Kaaba in an anti-clockwise direction)

•    Next is to perform Sai which means taking round between two hills called Safa and Marwah

•    The third and the final step is to perform Imrah which means to say men will shave their head altogether and as for females only a part of hairs is needed to cut.

Benefits of Booking a Package

Not just Umrah guidance that one can take the best out of cost-effective package deal. But, also other things like booking flight tickets, airport transfer, local transportation, and accommodation will be prepared well in advance as per the convenience of travellers.

Although you also have provision to avail online hotel booking in Madinah service by deciding what sort of accommodation you wish to book.

Just for an example, most of the pilgrims reaching Madinah prefer to make bookings under 4 star hotel Madinah which is considered as one of the sought after 5-star hotel having a great deal of luxury and splendid facilities inside.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Hayatt International Madinah - Centrally Placed Lodging Full of Impeccable Luxury Inside

Speaking of unmatched luxury in terms of lodging, the name of Hayatt International Hotel in Madinah, surely comes at a first place. A divine and luxurious accommodation like this is a convenient retreat towards the Holy Mosque of Prophet Mohammed which is just 2 minutes walking distance away.

The very appearance of its sky reaching monumental building will give the feel of its majestic beauty and optimum level of comfort inside. Magnificent is what to be called the wooden floored dining area that let several guests sitting at one place having complete pleasure of multi-cuisine meals inside. Plus, one can get most out of Arabic and Turkish dishes while sitting inside the royal ambience of the restaurant.

Hayatt International Hotel
Hayatt International Hotel in Madinah
This 4 star hotel in Madinah features in total of 294 rooms having state of the art architecture and modern amenities inside. What more to find inside rooms fabulous persona of dark wooden work with light in shaded bedding. Soothing lighting of several lamps bring magnificent feel inside.

Free Wifi available in the surroundings of this Madinah hotel let guests to get connected with their loved ones with no time limit.

In terms of prime location as well, the lodging is best suited for all those like to visit Old Bazar which is not too far from the hotel.

Get to Know about Act of Umrah

Muslims living all across the world find Hajj as their most sacred, pious and spiritual best religious act of Allah’s worship. Every sin...